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Le concert des parfums

Michel Godard

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Music by Michel Godard. Jazz, Improvisation and the sound of perfume: a synaesthetic music project

Michel Godard (serpent), Sébastien Marq (recorder), Gavino Murgia (voice, saxophone), Patrice Héral (percussion), Gérard Marais (guitar)

Perfume makers and musicians use a similar language. They speak of chords, of notes, of harmony. Michel Godard and perfume maker Ursula S. Yeo present a dialogue between sound and fragrance. The perfume maker created her „chords“ according to the original compositions by Michel Godard. During the recording sessions, Ms Yeo’s different perfume creations were spread out in the room, giving the musicians the possibility to “respond”: This is how the improvisations on this album came to life.