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Monteverdi - a trace of grace

Michel Godard, Steve Swallow

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Michel Godard & Steve Swallow: Tribute to Monteverdi: Encounters between Jazz and Baroque Music

In the tradition of „Le Concert des Parfums“ (Carpe Diem CD-16277), “Monteverdi - a trace of grace“, a brainchild of Michel Godard and Steve Swallow, was also recorded in the magical abbey of Noirlac, France, during enchanted Summer nights.

Jazz Trio (Michel Godard, Steve Swallow, Gavino Murgia) meets Early Baroque Trio (Guillemette Laurens, Fanny Paccoud, Bruno Helstroffer) and lets two musical dimensions grow, enlaced together in labyrinthine arabesques, playing songs of Claudio Monteverdi, Michel Godard and Steve Swallow in a natural implicitness and lightheartedness.