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mundus et musica

Ensemble Qualia

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Ensemble Qualia: Polyphonic chamber music around 1500: Agricola, Tinctoris & various others

On their first CD, QUALIA presents a collection of polyphonic music from late medieval sources, especially from manuscripts around the year 1500. In a very short period of time around the turn of the 15th century, the European music culture changed from the ancient phytagoreic to meantone temperament and created some astounding, highly complex and intellectually as well as musically challenging works, taking inspiration from both old and modern musical influences. QUALIA lets the listener immerse into an almost alien musical world, into the deep roots and sources of being of European music history, which in today’s perception is almost lost completely.

Lambert Colson - Cornetto, recorders
Anna Danilevskaia - Viella
Christophe Deslignes - Organetto