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En El Amor

Nataša Mirkovic, Michel Godard, Jarrod Cagwin

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Nataša Mirković, Michel Godard, Jarrod Cagwin: East European Sephardic Songs from the Balkan

"En El Amor" is a fascinating collaboration between two well-known jazz musicians with the Bosnian singer Natasa Mirkovic. On this album, the singer performs songs from her childhood in Bosnia: Ancient Sephardic traditionals that are still being sung by the people of the Balkan area today. She clearly draws inspiration from her ancestral roots, while at the same time the three musicians arrange these old songs in a new and experimental context that transcends time, culture and tradition.

Recorded in the breathtaking acoustics of the former synagogue of St. Pölten in Austria, this album becomes a total work of art fusing ancient and new, religious and secular, traditional and modern artistic expression.