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Froberger: Toccatas & Suites

Alina Rotaru

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Alina Rotaru, harpsichord: Baroque suites and toccatas by Johann-Jakob Froberger (1616-67)

The harpsichordist Alina Rotaru plays selected works by Johann Jacob Froberger, one of the most enigmatic composers of 17th C. harpsichord music. A subject of countless speculations, his programmatic and personal music is a creation of an exquisite and sensitive mind, masterfully crafted with enigmatic and mystical elements, and points to Frobergers personal connections to thinkers and alchemists of his time.

Alina Rotaru shows with her interpretation a spirited and insightful image of the brilliant and profound thinker, virtuoso and traveler Froberger was. This recording was made on the original Ruckers harpsichord dated 1623/1745) at Musée d’art et d’histoire de Neuchâtel, Switzerland.