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None but the Brave

Maximilian Ehrhardt

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Maximilian Ehrhardt plays 18th century harp music from Wales on a Welsh triple harp, combining traditional Welsh melodies with famous works of 18th century composers like Handel, Vivaldi and Corelli. All works on this CD are taken from three unique manuscript collections from the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth, and John Parry’s ‘A collection of Welsh, English & Scotch Airs with new Variations’. These collections show that the harpists played all kinds of music ranging from variations on traditional songs and melodies, harpsichord music, violin concertos and sonatas, opera arias and even orchestral pieces. The complexity of the writing shows the outstanding musicianship and virtuosity of the Welsh harpists. Most of the pieces have never been recorded so far and thus present an exciting new perspective on the rich repertoire of Welsh harp music.