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Quando cala la notte

Corina Marti, Enea Sorini

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Corina Marti & Enea Sorini: Love songs and harpsichord solo music from the Italian Renaissance

This album of harpsichordist Corina Marti together with Italian Teno Enea Sorini features a selection of songs and instrumental pieces from Early 16th Century Italy.

The soft and intimate program contains Frottole and intabulations of Frottole, Ricercari, Dances and other Italian keyboard music.

The two musicians create a somewhat dusky and introvert portrait of this music, interwoven with joyful dances and heart-warming songs. The combination of the soft, silvery sound of the harpsichord and the light and flexibel tenor of Enear Sorini gives this music a special and enjoyable color.